Last Updated: 2023-12-30 19:52:52 UTC

IPv4 Range Analyzer

How to use the IPv4 Range Analyzer

The IPv4 Range Analyzer is a simple tool that helps you identify overlapping and outlying IP ranges, as well as individual IPs within those ranges. Here's how to use it:

  1. Enter IP ranges: In the input fields provided, enter the IP ranges you want to compare. Each IP range should be in the CIDR format, such as "". List multiple IP ranges by separating them with a new line.
  2. Submit the data: After entering the IP ranges, click the "Submit" button to process the data. The tool will compare the IP ranges and calculate the overlapping ranges, outlying ranges, and individual IPs in the overlapping ranges.
  3. Download the results: Once the calculation is complete, the tool will generate an Excel file containing the results. The file will have three worksheets: one for overlapping ranges, one for outlying ranges, and one for individual IPs in the overlapping ranges. A download will automatically be triggered for you to save the file to your computer.
  4. Analyze the results: Open the downloaded Excel file to review the results. You can now analyze the overlapping and outlying IP ranges, as well as the individual IPs in those ranges.

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